Current Investments

Descartes Systems Group
Descartes (TSX: DSG) (Nasdaq: DSGX) is the global leader in providing on-demand, software-as-a-service solutions focused on improving the productivity, performance and security of logistics-intensive businesses. Descartes’ B2B network, the Global Logistics Network, integrates more than 35,000 trading partners to our cloud-based Logistics Technology Platform to unite their businesses in commerce. Customers use our modular, software-as-a-service solutions to route, schedule, track and measure delivery resources; plan, allocate and execute shipments; rate, audit and pay transportation invoices; file customs and security documents for imports and exports; and complete numerous other logistics processes by participating in the world’s largest, collaborative multi-modal logistics community. Our headquarters are in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and we have offices and partners around the world
Resilinc offers a complete end to end solution for supply chain resiliency. Whether you are mapping the supply chain for visibility, resiliency or compliance purposes, we are the multi-tier collaborative mapping solution that can deliver traceability and visibility down to product and part number levels.
Work Truck Solution
Work Truck Solution provides world-class, industry-specific, outsourced business processes that connect all truck chassis manufacturers (regardless of make) with specialized work truck body manufacturers. We enable dealers, at all levels, to seamlessly locate, acquire, account for, and deliver the Right Truck to the Right Buyer.
Foxtrot optimizes your daily distribution routes in 60 seconds.
Paradigm4’s SciDB
Paradigm4’s SciDB: the latest innovation from renowned database researcher, Turing Award winner, and entrepreneur, MIT Professor Michael Stonebraker – is a radically new computational database for mining insights from genomic, clinical, image, financial markets, instrument, and sensor data. Paradigm4 is changing what’s possible with Big Data by answering bigger, harder questions.
LevaData is currently blazing the trail in redefining strategic sourcing capability for enterprises by effectively enabling data driven strategy & execution using our cost management software platform.
Sandymount Techologies
Sandymount Techologies’ unique filtration technology enables brewers to manufacture high quality beer concentrates and distribute their brands widely and cost-effectively while delivering superior product quality and uniformity.
supply.ai automates supply chain decisions for logistics and ecommerce through real time decision engines.
Transperon is the leading global cloud platform for intelligent transport logistics. It creates a digital connection between shippers and carriers, achieving smarter, transparent and more cost-effective movement of goods around the world. By digitizing the entire logistics supply chain, it also enables real communication and collaboration across the worldwide shipper-carrier community
SupplyShift is a secure, cloud-based enterprise sustainability management platform for companies with many suppliers to reduce risk and enhance sustainability in supply chains.
NextShift Robotics
Using our creative design and bold vision, NextShift Robotics specializes in creating material handling systems using collaborative mobile autonomous robots. Our company is focused on meeting the demands of the exploding e-commerce order fulfillment market. Our experienced designers and engineers bring enthusiasm to every project.
LLamasoft supply chain design software helps organizations worldwide design visualize, analyze and optimize their supply chain operations. Their tools enable you to visualize your current supply chain, analyze what-if scenarios and react rapidly and efficiently to unforeseen events.
Cohealo is a technology company that helps health systems share medical equipment across facilities, so they can optimize spend, accelerate cash flow, and improve access to care.
ShipMonk is revolutionizing eCommerce order fulfillment by providing the most personal and attentive fulfillment and inventory management solution for today's global economy. Our multichannel order fulfillment service and inventory management software enable small companies to focus on building their brand and achieving next-level growth. It's how we execute on the promise of our motto: "Stress Less, Grow More."
Logistics Marketplace
Logistics Marketplace meets financial exchange ... Built for the industry, by a team with decades of logistics, technology and finance experience, the LE Platform brings financial market efficiency to the transportation marketplace.
Crimson Hexagon
Founded in 2007, enabler of global big data intelligence and based in Boston, Massachusetts, Crimson Hexagon is the only patented social media analysis and Big Data analytics platform available today. We provide industry-leading social media monitoring and analysis software and services to global brands, agencies, media firms and their partners.
ActualMeds ActualMeds
KnowMyMeds provides the first patient-centered, multi-disciplinary approach to medication reconciliation at transitions of care and an alternative to information collection from the current state of fragmented paper and electronic systems. Beginning with a systematic and comprehensive review of a patient’s drugs and self-medication behavior, KnowMyMeds creates and maintains an accurate list of all of a patient’s medications that can be made available to all involved with a patient’s care including family/caregiver
Placester automates your real estate marketing so you can close more deals.
NBD makes use of a nano-scale surface to enhance water condensation. Mimicking the Namib Desert Beetle, our nanotechnology can be used to collect water in the most arid regions of the world
Bow & Drape
Bow & Drape clothing is made by the individual, for the individual. We want to excite women’s style sensibilities and give them the ability to design what they really want to wear. Every detail of a Bow & Drape original is hand selected from the finest materials and made-to-order in two weeks by NYC’s distinguished garment makers
Little Passports
Little Passports is your child’s ticket to an exciting global adventure. Inspire a love and understanding of the world as your child learns about a new country every month.
Blank Label
Blank Label designs classic, custom-made shirts and delivers them to you with a fit guarantee in as soon as 7 days.
Jebbit’s interactive micro-content platform powers 1000s of interactive micro-content experiences for leading brands around the world
CabinetM helps modern marketing teams build, manage and optimize their marketing technology suite in a rapidly transforming digital marketing environment. The platform enables full lifecycle support around digital tool discovery, qualification, implementation and management by individual marketers, teams, and throughout enterprise organizations.
X2X Community www.thefamilycommunity.com
Avenue-RightAvenue Right
Avenue Right (Acquired by Avenue Right) knows how to utilize today’s technology to create a new process for media buyers to analyze, plan, schedule and buy media – and for media outlets to sell their media. By creating a platform where media buyers and media outlets can exchange media information and transact, the tedious and manual nature of media buying is removed, easing the effort and cost of the existing market, and giving an entirely new market an ability that was once beyond their reach
Steelwedge (Acquired by E2Open) integrated sales, operations and finance planning solutions provide the “shock absorbers” to recognize, recalibrate and respond in a volatile environment. Business agility and resiliency start with Steelwedge for a clear line of sight from plan to performance to profit.
(Acquired by Genscape)
Weft provides global, real-time cargo visibility through the Weft platform — which integrates Weft sensors, sensors from other providers, and customer ERP and CRM systems –to provide status and alerts for out-of-bounds conditions (location, temperature, moisture, shock/vibration) and stage completion
AIKO TechnologyAIKO
Aiko Biotechnology (Acquired by Laudant) is a Maine-based, early stage pharmaceutical company specializing in developing compounds to eliminate the harmful side effects and addiction that result from prescription pain medication use. The company has exclusive rights to a novel class of compounds, termed “opioid antagonists” that hold promise for more efficacious and safer pain and addiction management than currently exists or is under development.
Bespoke-GlobalBespoke Global
Bespoke Global is the first International e-commerce website to aggregate custom home furnishings – goods previously unavailable to the global consumer.
Control GroupControl Group (Acquired by Google/Intersection) uses technology and design to help our clients envision what’s possible and build it with themwww.controlgroup.com
Kiva SystemKiva Systems
Kiva Systems (Acquired by Amazon), provides a breakthrough material handling system for the order fulfillment and warehousing industry. The Kiva Mobile Fulfillment System allows distribution center operators to triple labor productivity, decrease order cycle times to minutes, and add new capacity in days.
Kitsy LaneKitsy Lane
Kitsy Lane is a platform for creating and driving online retail sales by leveraging social trust relationships. The platform provides everything an individual needs to operate an online store, including compelling goods, a customizable professional ecommerce site, fulfillment, and customer service. A proprietary marketing and CRM system drives sales online, eliminating the need to buy start-up kits and hold time-consuming selling parties.
lean logisticsLean Logistics
Lean Logistics (Acquired by Brambles) – is an on-demand Transportation Management System (TMS) focused on reducing total cost of technology ownership by blending traditional TMS functionality with collaborative shipper/carrier management tools as well as by enhancing customer service operations via real time shipment status information. LeanLogistics also manages transportation planning and execution for selected clients. Lean Logistics was sold to Brambles Logistics in 2008
Vtrenz (acquired by SilverPop)
Vtrenz the industry leader in on-demand marketing automation software, enables organizations to nurture, grow and retain customers through its innovative product, proven relationship marketing process and experienced marketing professionals. Developed by Vtrenz, iMarketing Automation is a comprehensive product that allows marketers to create, manage, execute and analyze all components of their marketing campaigns, both traditional and electronic, within one solution . Vtrenz was sold to Silverpop in 2007
SilverPopSilverPopSilverPop (acquired by IBM) – on-demand digital marketing platform helps marketers succeed in turning prospects into customers—and customers into fans—through the creation, automation and delivery of relevant, multichannel messaging. Silverpop’s marketing automation capabilities enable B2B marketers to efficiently manage leads and drive qualified sales opportunities through scoring and by nurturing campaigns that move prospects from interest to conversionwww.silverpop.com
Tumri (Acquired by Collective) – is an on-demand, pay for performance network merchandising company which serves highly-targeted, contextually relevant products to qualified consumers browsing internet sites via a superior, scalable, lights-out targeting engine.
True Demand SoftwareTrue Demand Software
True Demand Software (Acquired by Acosta) – is a pioneer in the development of new supply chain applications, formulated by Dr. Hau Lee of the Stanford School of Business, which take advantage of both RFID and non-RFID data to help solve supply chain planning and execution problems.
Optant PowerChainOptant Power Chain Optiant’s Power Chain Solutions (Acquired by Logility) – help Global 2000 companies optimize their bottom-line performance by creating responsive and resilient supply chains. As the leading provider of inventory planning and optimization solutions, Optiant’s solutions optimally balance resources, total costs, and customer service across the supply chain to deliver greater profitability, increased customer satisfaction, more efficient use of capital, and a resilient supply chain that fully handles uncertainty in supply and demand.www.optiant.com
New Vine LogisticsNew Vine Logistics
New Vine Logistics (Acquired by IBG Fulfillment Group) – offers proprietary order management, storage and fulfillment services for premium west coast wineries which enable fully compliant consumer-direct wine shipments to forty-four states. Mailing list sales to consumers are the fastest growing and most profitable (the wineries sell to consumers at retail and keep the distributor’s portion) part of premium winery business. New Vine Logistics is very well positioned to capture a large market share of this fast growing segment
Biflex (Acquired by Komar Intimates) is a private label maker of bras and panties that provides a leading product design and replenishment service for major retailers, including Wal-Mart, J. C. Penny, Sears/K-Mart and Dillard’s. Recently spun out of Kellwood, Biflex’s success is derived from developing creative new products as well as running an innovative, low cost global sourcing and logistics operation
Spring Lake TechnologiesSpring Lake Technologies
Spring Lake Technologies is developing the next generation of on-demand sales performance software. The SLY solutions-SmartProfiling and SmartSelling—enable individual sales professional to significantly increase close rates by improving seller and buyer alignment during the sales process.
Whoop MobileWhoop
Mobile Whoop Mobile, formerly XOsphere, is an enabling company, dedicated to providing the expertise and solutions required for businesses to overcome the challenges in deploying mobile applications and solutions on a worldwide basis. XOsphere’s end-to-end services include consulting, conceptual planning, development, deployment, hosting, reporting/analytics, integration and billing and end-user management. This package allows companies a means to move into the mobile sphere far more broadly and efficiently than attempting it in-house or by cobbling together a diverse group of outside resources. Whoop is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Buenos Aires
clinQs are reusable drink identifying stickers. clinQs are a perfect accessory to avoid a beverage mix-up. They are ideal for parties, office, gatherings, meetings, conferences, etc. Simply peel and place! Storage card included. I.D. YOUR DRINKS WITH CLINQS!
Lumoid makes photography simple and affordable by renting you exactly the camera you need!

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