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Supply Chain Ventures is an angel and early-stage venture capital partnership.

Our preferred investments are in young, revenue producing companies using information technology to enhance global marketing and supply chain management. Besides capital, we bring significant entrepreneurial, operating and investment experience to help our portfolio companies be successful.

We are particularly interested in companies based on on-demand about and/or open source technologies, with business models focused on building collaborative, network driven relationships in global supply chains. We use two primary investment methods: angel investing in operating companies with an initial base of target clients, and, in conjunction with investing partners, early-stage venture funding in more established companies.

If you become a portfolio company, the Managing Director and advisors will work closely with the entrepreneur and their team to help ensure long-term success of the company.

We will assist you in acquiring new talent, devising winning business strategies, developing effective sales and marketing programs, and finding valuable strategic alliances and partners. Our involvement will always be focused on helping entrepreneurs define and achieve their optimal value creation points, whether they are mergers, acquisitions or other exit opportunities.

Our primary goals are your success in being an entrepreneur and your company’s success in the marketplace.

Our supply chain portfolio investments to date have focused on early stage planning and execution software companies using real time data sources and AI techniques to better manage logistics operations. Our thesis is straightforward—you cannot run an efficient supply chain today based on just months-old demand and supply data sources. Best in class solutions in procurement, transportation management, S&OP, inventory management and warehousing demand better tools that both add new data sources, such as real-time traffic and weather information and better exploit older data sources from corporate systems of record.

We are also interested in new technologies, such as autonomous vehicles, drones and robotics, given their abilities to improve labor productivity and respond to changing consumer demands for faster delivery. We look at all supply chain ‘ideas’ entrepreneurs presented to us to see if new management tools can emerge from concepts, such as using blockchain for value creation and innovative 3PL offerings for e-commerce.

Our marketing and sales investments have focused on companies who are creating data and solutions that will enhance supply chain planning and execution.

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