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Supply Chain Ventures is an angel and early-stage venture capital partnership.


Global marketing and sales capabilities, along with continent-spanning supply chains, are the basic engines driving growth in the world economy. Supply chains are now being managed using advanced data analytics and related  technology solutions have allowed formerly regional companies to track and respond to global consumer needs.

That’s where Supply Chain Ventures seeks to invest.

Please enter our website and learn about companies we expect to lead supply chain and data analytics innovation in the Twenty-First Century. If you have such a company and seek additional investment, feel free to contact us to discuss how you might fit into our portfolio.


Dave Anderson

Managing General Partner

Dr. Anderson is a Managing General Partner of Supply Chain Ventures, LLC, a venture capital company specializing in AI-enabled supply chain software & ecommerce logistics investing.

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Dan Dershem

Managing General Partner

Dan Dershem is a Managing General Partner at Supply Chain Ventures. He also serves on the Boards of Directors of Transplace,
Transporeon and Llamasoft.

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